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Crustica® Bread line


- The Crustica+ is dough piece controlled which means there is a high degree of weight accuracy of the
  individual dough pieces
- The Crustica+ has no waste and cutting of dough
- The Crustica+ can process doughs with high water contents <80%
- Practically dust-free processing
- All machine parts that come in contact with dough are Teflon coated, dough repellent conveyors, oiling, cups
  or trays
- Nearly all occurring forms can be produced, cylinder, round, long, with belly, pointed at the end
- Ingredients such as nuts, seeds, cheese, tomatoes and many others can be processed without problems
- Doughs can be pre-proofed via a bowl proof, than directly be processed through a bypass of the pre-proofer
  with or without pre-proof
- Doughs can be curled or rolled out/degassed or flattened
- Round dough pieces can also be processed through the long moulder without any further processing, in this
  case the long moulder is used as a transport
- By means of the Voluminator on the divider doughs can be processed extreme dough friendly
- Wide weight range
- Capacity up to 1.500 pcs/h. – higher capacities on request
- Completely automatic control through recipe control
- Modular installation: at all times machines can be added or expanded or options to be added at a later




The Crustica+® line is ideally suited for processing soft and very soft doughs and also special kinds of dough with a long pre-proof, sour dough bread, multigrain bread, dough with many additions as seeds, nuts, cheese and other additives. Water percentage of <80% can be processed without problems and also a 12 hours pre-proof is for the Crustica+® not a problem.



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