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Easy Toast line

production lines

For who?                                             
All tin bread and toast manufacturers worldwide who produce breads in large volumes.

Easy Toast is a total line concept using a continuous mixing system and state of the art hardware, software, and expertise for optimizing the bread making process. Easy Toast lines are a complete system, a process in order to produce bread at lowest possible cost.


  • Continous mixing, injection of liquids in dry ingredients
  • Use of lower grade of flour possible
  • Very accurate dividing
  • Very even fourpiecing
  • Very slow speeds in logistics and proofing
  • Very efficient baking low co2 emission, very high savings in energy
  • Very flexible baking with indirect heating which can be perfectly regulated
  • Cooling in standstill ambience on stainless steel carriers, with buffer integrated


  • Toast
  • Tin bread
  • Whole wheat
  • Brioche
  • And all other products baked in tins