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Haton Dough Center (HDC)

haton-dough-centerFor the benefit of bakers from all over the world we developed a training center: Haton Dough Center, as a separate component of the production factory, right in the middle of the operating area. Here we test and demonstrate WP Bakery Group equipment and bakers, agents, distributors, technicians and their affiliates receive detailed information on the benefits and use. You can participate in single or multi-days workshops, for example dough preparation (given by dough experts), become further acquainted with our equipment possibilities or find out more about the technical possibilities.

Already many out of the bakery world have visited the Haton Dough Center. If you also want to extend your horizons,
increase your knowledge and make even more beautiful products, a visit to the Haton Dough Center is a must!

‘Bread reference’ workshop

Especially for our clients (exclusive in groups)
Which equipment will help me optimize my current and future dough production process?
How can I perfect my process?
Can I further automate the process?
Is future market positioning possible by using other or new types of bread?
Answers to all these questions you will receive from our internal and external technical experts.
In single or multi-day sessions, via WP Haton BreadLab and under the guidance of of technical experts and various external trainers, you make the world of dough your own.

We show you the many possibilities of various dough processing concepts, small bread lines and other bread dough processing systems.
In practice you can test with our several bread line concepts your doughs, using your own flour and ingredients and even new products can be test.
When you leave WP Haton, you are not only an experience richer; you have a lot of certainty about how to optimize the most efficient production of your bread, now and in the future!

‘Applications’ workshop

Especially for our agents
What kinds of bread are possible?
What are the effects of certain machine operations?
Which machine is the best for my goals?
In this workshop you learn a lot about the possibilities of our equipment and after just two days, you know what’s possible with the WP Haton systems and concepts.

‘Technique’ workshop

Especially for technical experts
Under the guidance of our technical staff, you will learn our machines inside and out.
You are able to discuss and answer your client’s technical questions and deal with technical problems in a professional way.
Beside it, you always can count on our technical service and support center!



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