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Baguetta+ bread line

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Mediterranean breads gain in popularity because of taste, crustiness, shape and eating habits. That is why we have developed the Baguetta+ concept.
The Baguetta+ concept handles classic tasteful artisan baguettes in a very gentle but efficient way with a maximum output of 6000 baguettes per hour.

Flexible, industrial production line for artisan baguettes, petit-pains and pains de campagne

Advantages Baguetta+:

  • Very suitable for soft dough with a long bowl proof and high water contents
  • High weight accuracy
  • Doughball/string system for a dough-friendly process
  • Doughball proofing process without tumbling
  • Large range of weights and types of dough
  • Modular design: versatile and upgradeable
  • Operator-friendly by touch-screen
  • 3.000 to 6.000 dough strings/hour
  • Weight range: 50 to 900 grams
  • Bowl proof < 90 minutes
  • 1st (ball) proof < 20 minutes
  • 2nd (string) proof < 10 minutes
  • Maximum string length 650 mm
  • The efficient and proven total concept for French sticks in the traditional French way