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Crustica+ bread line

production lines

Production line for Mediterranean doughs, ancient bread, nature bread, sour dough bread, multigrain bread and many artisan breads.


The Crustica+® line is ideally suited for processing soft and very soft doughs and also special kinds of dough with a long pre-proof, sour dough bread, multigrain bread, dough with many additions as seeds, nuts, cheese and other additives.
Water percentage of <80% can be processed without problems and also a 12 hours pre-proof is for the Crustica+® not a problem.
With the Crustica+® dough can be pre-moulded, ideal for the production of baguettes or elongated kind of doughs such as Brioche. Via the rounder with adjustable tracks, a whole range of (sticky) doughs with high to very high water percentages, can be rounded very well. The dough can be processed as a dough ball or as a pre-rolled dough piece in pockets or trays via the pre-proofer.
Rounded dough pieces can also be processed via the bypass of the pre-proofer and transported directly to the long moulder. A final rounder (optional) and long moulder can produce the final shape of the dough pieces. The long moulder has a bypass for non-pre-proofed round dough pieces. Dough pieces can be processed as pre-rolled long dough pieces with an intermediate proof time or round dough pieces with or without intermediate proof time.
The long moulder has a centering unit, 1 pair of sheeting rollers that can be opened or closed completely, 2 flattening rollers and a moulding belt or pressure board.

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