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Instant bread line

production of bread prepared pre-packed full bakery concept

Bread made in 3 steps 

Instant is developed by bakers for bakers, potential bakers and 
non bakers worldwide, for the production of various types of
toast, sandwich and tin bread based on the Instant method.

Technical advantages

  • Ready to built concept with ingredients know how,
    equipment/hardware, advise on the process and
    bakers training
  • Developed by bakers for bakers
  • Easy to operate, simple to clean and maintain,
    no mistakes possible, minimum of recipes and
    raw materials
  • Can be installed in any location with a minimum
    of floor space
  • High output guaranteed
  • Good and healthy breads can be made instantly
    at minimum cost day in day out
  • No complicated process and hardware
  • High degree of repeatability
  • Minimum of skilled labour needed
  • Simple and affordable process with basic ingredients
    packed in vacuum

instant bread line pre-packed-ingredients sponge doughs