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Instant+ bread line

bread production prepared pre-packed full bakery concept

New generation of bread lines for small and medium sized operations 

Base is instant prepacked ingredients, however also classic doughs, sponge doughs and other pre proofed doughs can be made as well as doughs made from other type of grains such as rye, whole grain, and other such as spelt, barley, oat, quinoa, but also multi grain dough, sweet dough, raisin dough, brioche and many other doughs can be processed.


  • Unique breads can be made such as sponge dough type of breads or classic type of breads as well as instant type of doughs
  • Large range of weights
  • Very wide range in terms of shape and look
  • Universal line for small bakeries, supermarkets or canteens, catering units
  • Simple but very efficient operation

instant bread line pre-packed-ingredients sponge doughs