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Ryena XL bread line

production lines

The solution for soft wheat and rye dough

A very solid, and proven bread production concept, that complies with all the requirements of an industrial production unit.
The Ryena XL concept can produce a large variety of different dough without an intermediate proofing time, is very dough friendly with a high weight accuracy.


  • SR (sour resistant) execution of B / V 700 dividers (option)
  • Cleantec version (option)
  • Rounding in belt rounder or cone rounder or a combination of the 2
  • Dough can be sheeted or flattened or only curled/moulded
  • Seam control
  • 3 mtr long rounding path
  • Recipe control (B / V 700)
  • Service program

Ryena XL bread line the solution for soft wheat and rye dough