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Ryena XL bread line

production lines

Developed for Industrial bakeries with an automated and continuous production line for rye and wheat doughs with higher rye contents. Also products that only can be rounded on belt rounders in processes with no intermediate proofing time or doughs with reduced gluten and zero gluten can be processed perfectly. Last but not least sticky doughs made on the basis of primal grains, such as quinoa, spelt, teff, amarant, oat, barley and others can also be made on the Ryena XL line concept
without any problem.



  • SR unit: Less oil in dividing/very hygienic division box/ sour resistant execution
  • Rounding in conical rounder or belt rounder with 3 mtr. rounding path (or both)
  • Sheeting of dough or just moulding of dough
  • Hygienic cleantec version
  • Very accurate dividing over a long period
  • Complete range of dough products based on rye or many other gluten reduced flours can be made
  • Recipe control (B / V 700)
  • Service program

doughs higher rye contents sticky primal grains