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Sweety bread line

production lines

For who?
For bakeries who want to automate their production of sweet doughs in combination with toast breads. Sweety can handle both small as well as large dough weights of sweet and sponge doughs.

Sweety is a line concept developed by WP Haton based on many years experience with sweet doughs and doughs made according the sponge dough method. The result is an automatic, modern make up system with the latest technology, easy operation, perfect dough handling, also for doughs with a high degree of stickyness especially difficult to handle at high capacities and low weights
30 gr.

With Sweety the hardware is limited to basic elements with a very high output and savings in weight accuracy, automation, personell cost and a better end product with a longer shelf life and more water for freshness.
The line can produce both sweet doughs as well as sponge doughs for toast.


  • Automatic line set up with automatic transfers between the individual pieces of hardware
  • Easy cleaning
  • Can handle different types of sensitive doughs with the highest precision and dough friendly handling
  • Latest and newest materials are used for long machine life


  • Sweet buns and rolls
  • Toast bread
  • Kashipan
  • Shokopan
  • Roti manis
  • Cream rolls