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Sweety bread line

production lines

Classic sweet dough bread and roll line

The Sweety production line concept has been developed to produce sweet breads, toast bread and rolls especially made for smaller weights, high capacities and a large variety of sweet and sponge doughs.
The Sweety is developed for successful bakeries who want to automate or enlarge their production of sweet doughs in combination with classic breads.
Sweety can handle both small as large dough weights and can handle doughs
of different processes.


  • Long experience with the production of soft dough, small weights and
    different types of dough used in the far east and worldwide in the
    production of sweet dough
  • Premium bread qualities can be produced with the Sweety
  • Versatile use for a large variety of classic breads, sponge dough and
    sweet rolls
  • High weight accuracy
  • Processing of sticky dough has been enhanced using special design of
    the equipment, the use of the best materials to reduce wear and the
    long experience in the engineering of bread line concepts by WP Haton
  • Easy and simple operation. All transfers automatic and in-line
  • Perfect and dough friendly dough handling
  • Simple maintenance and cleaning procedures


  • Sweet buns
  • Toast bread
  • Classic breads
  • Kashi pan
  • Shoko pan
  • Roti manis
  • Cream rolls
  • And many other local and specific products


Sweety bread line classic sweet dough bread and roll line