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Industrial Long Moulder BM 2-40


- Excellent sheeting and moulding results
- Infeed conveyor with adjustable diabolo centering rollers and adjustable pressure roller
- Two separate individually driven sheeting rollers with adjustable speed (fixed speed BM 2-40 Basic)
- Progressive sheeting of the dough pieces with relaxation phase
- Separation of curling- and sheeting belt for an optimal synchronisation of curling belt and roller speed and
  an longer sheeting time
- Second sheeting station with upper belt or pressure board (option)
- Easy to clean scrapers on each roller
- Drying device on each roller
- Good accessibility of rollers and scrapers for easy cleaning
- Thickness and width dough piece adjustable through speed control through recipe control via PLC (BM 2-40
- Curling- and sheeting belt are adjustable in speed
- Hinged pressure board for fast cleaning and accessibility
- Very modern and functional design in stainless steel
- Low noise level



Basic execution BM 2-40:

- Infeed conveyor with adjustable pressure roller and diabolo centering rollers
- Two sets of sheeting rollers, opening adjustable between 1 and 25 mm
- Rollers made of Arnite, width 400 mm, diameter 125 mm, equipped with Teflon coated scrapers
- Sheeting rollers fixed BM 2-40 Basic or variable speed BM 2-40
- Tilting scrapers on each roller
- Visual control of sheeting process
- Frame sheeting head made of aluminium
- Brushed stainless steel cover plates
- Separate curling belt
- Moulding bridge in sand blasted stainless steel
- Pressure board adjustable in height between 10 and 70 mm, both on infeed and out-feed side
- V shape pressure board
- Drying device on all sheeter rollers
- Teflon side guide adjustable to <560 mm
- BM 2-40 Basic: fixed drive of infeed conveyor, rollers, curling- and sheeting belt
- BM 2-40: variable drive of infeed conveyor, rollers, curling- and sheeting belt
- Moulding table with separate belt drive. Belt width 600 mm
- PLC control and touch screen (BM 2-40 only)
- Electrical panel stainless steel



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