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Intermediate Proofer BIP 72-M


- Frame made of modular closed tubular profiles out of stainless steel
- Processing without flour dusting
- All frame parts in stainless steel or nickel coated, no painted parts in dough area
- Teflon coated transfer box for dough transfer between pockets without sticking problems
- Stainless steel trays
- Removable and washable plastic dough cups
- Round dough cups for dough balls results in an optimum proofing
- Ultraviolet light for protection against mould
- Reliable infeed systems
- Plexiglas windows for visual inspection
- Performance reliable thanks to many years of experience
- Variable proofing times



Basic execution BIP M:

- Infeed photo-cell, capacity 1200 pcs/h.
- Infeed V-step belt, capacity 1800 pcs/h, single infeed
- Infeed V-step belt, capacity 3600 pcs/h, dual infeed by means of 2-way flipper gate
- Infeed with V-step belt and pallet infeed for capacity <4000-6000 pcs/h depending on weight range
- Proofer runs intermittently / continuously
- Pockets round, polyethylene, diameter 190 mm.
- Plexiglas windows
- Frame, turning device and panels stainless steel
- Chain with chain guides in stainless steel
- Shafts and chain wheels nickel plated
- Integrated switchboard panel
- Stop switch for correct tray position
- Discharge chute with out-feed on last row
- Attaching head to existing ceiling



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