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Long Moulder Combi E 2


- Even sheeting of the pre-proofed dough pieces by 2 sets of sheeter rollers with different speeds for
  progressive sheeting
- Sheeter rollers made out of plastic non-stick materials
- Sheeter rollers equipped with scrapers which keeps the sheeter rollers clean
- Nearly all doughs can be processed on the Combi E2
- Simple cleaning of sheeter rollers and pressure board
- Pressure board and side guides front and back adjustable for optimal moulding results
- Hinged pressure board with gas spring construction for fast and simple cleaning of belt and board
- Space saving design with hinged catch tray
- Modern design
- Adjustment of all settings can be read out perfectly for a good repeatability



Basic execution Combi E 2:

- Infeed hopper
- Covers and frame in stainless steel
- 2 sets of sheeter rollers with scrapers
- Curling net stainless steel
- Height adjustable pressure board with adjustable side guides
- Pressure board equipped with gas spring construction
- Pressure board with V underneath
- Side guides Teflon coated
- Opening of sheeter rollers < 45 mm
- Sheeter rollers diameter 125 mm
- Sheeter rollers width 400 mm
- Moulding belt width < 450 mm



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