Dough divider

Extremely accurate dough divider
  • Suitable for all kinds of dough types
  • Gentle dough treatment
  • User friendly

Extremely accurate dough divider
with a proven long lifetime

Can be used for nearly any type of dough in nearly every type of bakery.
Maximum adaption to batch sizes with various different hopper sizes.

Maximum adaption

to individual wishes


(Hinged) hopper

Stainless steel 120 litre,
with safety ring

World's Premium quality


  • 3 pocket dough divider with movable synthetic dough conveyor (inner and outer conveyor)
  • Dividing unit Ni-Resist with automatic oiling on unit, with 6 fixed dosing valves
  • Discharge conveyor cross, left or right hand L = 500 - 1,500 mm
  • Hinged hopper stainless steel 120 litre, with safety ring, H=1,612 mm
  • Operation: on / off / emergency stop / position stop for easy cleaning
  • Main piston, dividing chamber and hopper base wear-resistant chrome nickel alloy
  • Hopper base with Teflon coating
  • Measuring piston(s) Ni-Resist
  • Knife made of stainless steel, hardened
  • Cover plates stainless steel, brushed, with Schmersal safety switches
  • Frame nickel plated
  • Crankshaft and drive rods cast iron, nickel plated
  • Undercarriage 2 rigid + 2 swivel castors with adjustable foot
  • Analog weight indication

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options


The dividing of the desired dough quantity takes place in two stages:
The approximate dough quantity is drawn into the main chamber, after which the exact weight of the dough pieces is being measured in the dividing chamber.

The back slide (dividing chamber) consists of a drum that rotates 90º and drops the dough pieces vertically on the inner conveyor, after which the dough pieces are being taken over
by the discharge conveyor.

Because the dough quantity in the main chamber is nearly the same as the total dough dividing quantity, the whole dividing process takes place in a very dough friendly manner.

  1. Product quality:
    • Suitable for all kinds of dough types
    • Gentle dough treatment
  2. Daily use:
    • Maximum adaption to batch sizes with various hopper sizes
    • User friendly
    • Round hopper neck
    • Dough pieces are transported sideways
    • Modern design
    • Maximum adaption to individual wishes
    • Low machine height with maximum accessibility and hopper size 120 litre
  3. Cleaning:
    • Easy and quick cleaning of hopper and all parts coming in contact with dough
    • Sideways hinged hopper


Hourly capacity:

max. 4,890 pcs/h (fixed)

Technical details:

3 pocket machine, type 2003

Weight range:
110 – 1,000 gr (in 25 mm partitions)

fixed: 1,530 - 4,890 pcs/h,
variable: 1,350 – 4,224 pcs/h

Dimensions (lxwxh):

1,390 mm x 1,080 mm x 1,620 mm

Connected load:

230/400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz + earth, 2,8 KVA


Net: 620 kg, Gross: 820 kg

Shipping volume:

1,6 m³

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  • Hinged hopper stainless steel 170 litre, with safety ring, H=1,712 mm
  • Hinged hopper stainless steel 210 litre, without safety ring, H=1,782 mm
  • Hinged hopper stainless steel 245 litre, without safety ring, H=1,837 mm
  • Hopper inside Teflon coated
  • Hopper base Nedox coated
  • Oiling on hopper including oil shortage signalisation
  • Oil shortage signalisation
  • Siemens touch panel : Pre-set counter
  • Mechanical pieces counter
  • Siemens touch panel : Servo weight adjustment with digital read-out,
    digital pieces counter
  • Siemens touch panel : Recipe control (only in combination with servo weight adjustment and/or frequency inverter)
  • Siemens touch panel : Frequency inverter for variable speed
  • Beka pump 8 P, lubrication on dividing unit and internal discharge conveyor.
    Oil tank 5 litre
  • Drag-net on discharge conveyor
  • Flour duster with own drive
  • Discharge roller with scraper (dough weights < 200 gr)
  • Height machine increased by 100 mm
  • Blue Box PARTA U XL

Data sheet


All types of dough

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