Dough rounder

Industrial dough rounder
  • Excellent round moulding results at high capacity
  • Cone speed adjustable
  • Tracks, individual adjustable

For industrial dough lines with a high capacity up to 10,000 pcs/h
and long production hours

The CCR 69 AT dough rounder is suitable for many common dough types, such as stiff and soft wheat doughs and wheat/rye doughs.

Robust construction

Cone speed adjustable


Specially shaped tracks

Excellent round moulding results
at high capacity

World's Premium quality


  • Cast iron cylinder/cone, Teflon coated
  • Drive unit consisting of electric motor with frequency inverter
  • Adjustable aluminium tracks, in- and outside Teflon coated
  • Working length 6,100 mm (in 3 o’clock – out 12 o’clock)
  • Out-feed conveyor L=500 mm with discharge cone
  • Cone with top bearing
  • Frame steel, nickel plated
  • Cover plates stainless steel
  • Undercarriage with mounting pins
  • With operation control panel

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options


The dough pieces are being taken over by the rotating cylinder/cone
and shaped into round dough pieces by the specially shaped tracks.

Very high precision between tracks and cylinder/cone because of machine-made tracks,
which results in a minimum of dough crumbs.

  1. Product quality:
    • Excellent round moulding results at high capacity
  2. Daily use:
    • Cylindrical/conical rounder
    • Cone with big diameter; large distance between dough pieces to avoid doubles
    • Cone speed adjustable
    • Tracks, individual adjustable
    • Robust construction
    • Easy control and maintenance
  3. Cleaning:
    • All parts in contact with dough are dough repellent
    • All frame parts in stainless steel


Hourly capacity:

< 10,000 pcs/h,
depending on execution

Technical details:

Per CCR 69 AT type

Weight range:
K:  270 – 700 gr
M: 350 – 1,100 gr

< 10,000 pcs/h, depending on execution

Dimensions (lxwxh):

1,610 mm x 1,610 mm x 1,730 mm

Connected load:

230/400 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz + earth, 4,0 KVA


Net: 2,240 kg, Gross: 2,340 kg

Shipping volume:

5 m³

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  • Two-way pneumatic flipper gate
  • 6 Oil nozzles on cone for handling soft and sticky doughs
  • Safety covers
  • Blue Box CCR 69 AT

Data sheet


Soft wheat dough breads

Wheat doughs

Mixed wheat doughs


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