Long moulder
BM 4-80 BT

Industrial long moulder for high capacity lines
  • Extreme stabile construction
  • Sheeting of round dough pieces as well oblong dough pieces
  • PLC control with touch screen

Capacity up to 4,200 pcs/h,
at 1,000 gr dough weight

This industrial long moulder is suitable for wheat and wheat/rye doughs for high capacity lines
up to 4,200 pieces an hour (depending on dough weight/type).

Pressure board adjustable in height,

with adjustable side guides


Infeed conveyor

with driven pressure roller and adjustable centring rollers

World's Premium quality


  • Infeed conveyor with driven pressure roller and adjustable centring rollers
  • 4 individually driven sheeting rollers, adjustable in speed by frequency inverter, opening sheeting rollers adjustable between 1 and 25 mm
  • Rollers width 400 mm, Ø 125 mm, equipped with hinged Teflon coated scrapers
  • Continuous cleaning of sheeting rollers through tilting scrapers
  • Drying device on all sheeting rollers, front and back
  • Windows in sheeting head
  • Frame completely stainless steel and aluminium
  • Separate curling belt, adjustable in speed
  • Adjustable stainless steel, curling net on curling belt
  • Pressure board adjustable in height, 1x V, L=1,950 mm, with adjustable side guides
  • Maximum moulding length 440 mm (depending on dough weight)
  • Cover plates stainless steel
  • Moulding bridge stainless steel, with separate belt drive and frequency inverter
  • Electrical switch box stainless steel
  • PLC control, Siemens S7 touch screen

Performance, maximum benefits and modular options


The dough pieces are fed to the moulder by means of an infeed conveyor with centring rollers and pressure roller.

The dough pieces are sheeted by means of four pairs of sheeting rollers with adjustable openings and rolled up by a stainless steel, curling net, which is adjustable in height
and mounted on a separate curling belt.

Then the dough pieces are moulded by a pressure board, adjustable in height,
with adjustable side guides.

Finally, the dough pieces are transferred to a panning conveyor.

  1. Product quality:
    • Perfect reading of settings for good repeating of products
    • 4 pair of rollers with own drive for progressive sheeting of dough pieces
    • Sheeting of round dough pieces as well oblong dough pieces (pre moulded)
  2. Daily use:
    • Visual control of sheeting process by side windows
    • Separate driven curling belt
    • Extra heavy pressure board
    • Adjustable settings of rollers and speed with digital read-out
    • Air blowing device on sheeting rollers
    • Direct gear drive on each pair of rollers for clean and silent drive
    • Extreme stabile construction
    • Pinning roller with own drive at infeed
    • PLC control with touch screen
  3. Cleaning:
    • Easy opening and cleaning of pressure boards
    • Continuous cleaning of sheeter rollers: 2 scrapers per roller pair

Hourly capacity:

< 4,200 pcs/h,
at 1,000 gr dough weight

Technical details:

Type BM 4-80 BT:
4-80 BT, with pressure board
4-80 BT L, in extended version with 2 pressure boards
4-80 BT L, extended version with 1 pressure board
and 1 driven top moulding belt

Weight range:
200 – 1,100 gr

Dimensions (lxwxh)*:

6,290 mm x 1,240 mm x 2,290 mm

Connected load:

230/400 V, 50 Hz + earth, 6 kVA*

* Standard BM 4-80 BT version


Net: 2,900 kg, Gross: 3,100 kg

Shipping volume:

.. m³

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  • Pre-set counter
  • Operator platform at sheeting head
  • Adjustable, pneumatic pressure controlled sheeting roller
  • Driven top moulding belt, running against dough flow, instead of pressure board
  • Flour duster with own drive and photocell for dough detection
  • Air on driven top moulding belt running against dough flow
  • Air on curling belt
  • Twister (Swing Away) (4 pieces)
  • Twister-device (6 pieces)
  • Depositing device, triangle roller max. 3,600 pcs/h
  • Depositing device, triangle roller with positioning max. 3,000 pcs/h
  • Panning conveyor running with overhead- or bottom stopper L=5,300 mm
  • Extra length per 1,000 mm
  • Overhead stopper
  • Bottom stopper
  • Peelboard stopper
  • Tin signalisation
  • Panning conveyor with magnetic pan-indexing system L=5300 mm
    (external stopper recommended)
  • Blue Box BM 4-80 BT

Data sheet


Wheat doughs


Mixed wheat doughs

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