RYENA® bread line

The solution for
soft wheat and rye dough

A very solid, and proven bread production concept, that complies with all the requirements of an industrial production unit. The Ryena XL concept can produce a large variety of different dough without an intermediate proofing time, is very dough friendly with a high weight accuracy. The line can be easily handled, as well cleaned and maintained.



Very suitable for

The use in automatic and continuous bakeries
All types of dough that must be processed via
a belt rounding machine.

Seeded loaves, ancient grains

The production of soft wheat/rye dough and combinations hereof as well as seeded loaves and dough made of ancient grains such as quinoa. dinkel, amaranth, spelt, and many other types.


Low gluten content

Dough processed without an intermediate proofing time and dough with a low gluten content.


Capacity max. 3,000 pcs/h

soft wheat and rye dough



  • SR execution of B / V 700 dividers (option)
  • CleanTec version (option)
  • Rounding in belt rounder or cone rounder or a combination of the 2
  • Dough can be sheeted or flattened or only curled/moulded
  • Seam control
  • 3 mtr long rounding path
  • Recipe control (B / V 700)
  • Service program


Made for daily use

  • Very solid, and proven bread production concept
  • Very dough friendly with a high weight accuracy
  • Complies with all the requirements of an industrial production unit
  • All types of dough that must be processed via a belt rounding machine

Basic Execution

  • Dough divider B / V 700 Alternative B/V 700 SR with Sour Resistant dividing chamber
    Specially developed dividing unit made of high wear resistant materials guaranteeing an extreme long machine life, a high weight accuracy over a longer period.
    Alternatively, the Parta U XL can be integrated.
  • Belt rounder BR 3000
    Adjustment of belts by means of adjustable V shape and the inserts in the belting in the upper and lower area.
  • Moulder Combi U
    Lower belt variable adjustable in speed. Large pressure board adjustable in height.
  • Combi UA Moulder With 2 flattening rollers, curling station and moulding station (no sheeting rollers)

Capacity for RYENA

max. 3,000 pcs/h



Weight range

300 - 2,200 gr




WP Haton
the leading brand in dough processing

Tailormade solutions for every dough application with many options
in speed / weight / shape, accurate, long life cycle
Dough friendly performance offered by a Dough Friendly Company


We are the dough processing specialist within the
and offer integrated and field tested systems



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in Panningen

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Soft wheat

and rye dough

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