Blue Value Packages

Increase the efficiency of your machines, lengthens their lifecycles, reduce downtimes, increase production rates, safe cost of production and reduce dough loss.

By regular checks of the equipment there are less surprises of a standstill, and production can be planned with scheduled maintenance and or reconditioning of the necessary equipment. Bakers can be entrepreneurs as well.

Blue Value raises reliability and efficiency to a higher level!

Blue Connect

Current times show how important it is to connect with each other.
With Blue Connect your machines are in permanent contact (if wanted) with the WP Haton Helpdesk.
In case of a control based emergency problem, operators can start an immediate contact with the service people of WP Haton. This will lower your downtime with all costs as result + it can save you a trip of a technician.

In other words: you will be up and running quicker for less money.

Annother big advantage from the connection between your machines and WP Haton is that we can help you analyse your production and advise you on maintenance and optimizing on the moment this is needed.

So, connect with WP Haton and can increase your productivity.

Click here to open the flyer with contact details from our service department.

Our Helpdesk Service is part of the Blue Connect program.

Please note costs can be charged when contacting our Helpdesk.

Blue Box

A box that keeps downtime to an absolute minimum.
The Blue Box contains crucial parts, original factory guaranteed and selected.

In case of emergency, you take the part out and replace is yourself.

The unique designed ultra-strong movable box can be assembled for each location and purpose.
It has the crucial parts identifiable for easy storage and ordering.
Blue Box is a simple but very efficient solution to have higher and optimized uptime with less surprises.

Click here to watch the Blue Box movie

Blue Restore

Reconditioning and overhauling of WP Haton machines and production lines.

Full factory warranty on parts, labour, and performance.

Exchange program with loan machines.

The Blue Restore program expands the lifecycle of existing production lines, increases efficiency of and creates less downtime.

This can be done in our factory or at any location of the user.

And of course, we keep on developing our machines, so ask us for value added upgrades on your machines.

Blue Care

Full-service program including:
  • Blue Check
Inspections via a special for this purposed developed App that results in a complete report with a full view of your machines.
  • Blue Maintenance
Customised package for the maintenance of your machines including the training of your technical staff.
  • Blue Optimize

Optimizing hardware and software / finetuning of all modules in production mode, including training of technical and operator staff.

We Care and give your production process peace of mind.

Blue Academy

Full training program for operators, technicians, maintenance crews and technical staff of bakeries and dealer/distributors.

Training can be done at WP Haton, or at the customer/dealer.

By using the Blue Academy program, the know-how on the WP Haton machines of each employee is increased substantially.

This results in (among others) a better understanding of procedures for cleaning and maintenance and it guarantees a more structured planning of maintenance, inspections, cleaning, and operation.

Contact us for the training possibilities.

Blue Web

Users of WP Haton equipment can log in to their own personal online portal.

By using username and login code the user has immediate access to (software) manuals, electrical diagrams, cleaning and maintenance films, wear parts and spare parts lists.

This enables and guarantees fast access to all relevant information and overall better communication between user and the WP Haton Service department.

Faster analysis of parts, easier explanation of issues, and recognition of problems saves time and unnecessary delays.