Baker’s tip: Spelt/green spelt grain rolls with savory flavor

A hot soup and crispy bread rolls in the cold season. Who wouldn't like that? An ideal garnish are spelt/green spelt grain rolls with their savory smoky flavor. If the dough pieces are left to slowly proof over night and cooled down in the vacuum cell when they are oven-hot after baking, they can hardly be beat in terms of taste and crispness. Moreover, spelt, as an ancient grain, is fully in line with the current nutrition trend, and is often bought by health-conscious customers.

The new Ireks recipe with dried green spelt sourdough presented at the Südback makes life in the bakehouse a lot easier. The dough made from spelt and green spelt grains can be mixed to perfection in the KRONOS and KRONOS digital, before it is guided carefully over the S-shaped roller frame of the PANE dough strip system, and divided with great weight accuracy with the Accurator.

Green spelt is nothing but half-ripe spelt. In order to preserve the grains, which are harvested when they are still green, they are dried in beech wood smoke in so-called drying kilns. The procedure has been used since the 17th century, a time when farmers had to struggle with periods of drought and wet summers. This is why they came up with the idea of threshing and drying the half-ripe spelt before the harvest was lost completely. Then as now, the drying process in beech wood smoke gives the grains their individual, savory-smoky touch.

When the spelt/green spelt grain rolls exit the ROTOTHERM GREEN or the MATADOR STORE oven-hot, they can be cooled down in the VACUSPEED within a few minutes. The vacuum method not only saves time, but also provides a lot of stability and crispness. The products thus remain fresh, crispy and salable longer.
Sending you best regards from the bakehouse

Dieter Kadesch
Master baker