Berliners, crullers & Co. in their winter look

Fat baked pastries belong to carnival just like cookies to Christmas. Yet, they face serious competition from Berliners in star or Christmas tree shape, and quark balls with a winter-inspired flavor. Traditional fat baked pastries, however, as well have their place in the current assortment: because, after all, every year Carnival starts on November 11.

Whether Berliners, crullers or Kräppel – the round fat baked pastry has different names in different regions, and is associated with Carnival. The reason for this is that people in the Middle Ages used to eat particularly fatty food before the fasting period. However, nutrition trends nowadays are going in the opposite direction: even fat baked pastry should be as low in fat as possible. This goal can be achieved with the LINIE 2000 A line. The open kettle fryer features a smart heating system that constantly keeps fat temperature at the same level. Consequently, the dough pieces also absorb less fat and are better digestible.

Berliner can be given a pre-Christmas touch with vanilla-cinnamon or plum-cinnamon fillings. This is done particularly effectively with the automatic product filler, as the filling station detects when a Berliner is waiting and automatically fills it with jam, cream or any other delicacy.

Quark balls that are fried right in front of the customer are particularly suitable for live baking on the Christmas market. The compact dimensions of the DLA 150-1 allow flexible use even outside the bakehouse. Dump, submerge, remove – the DLA 150 does it all automatically. Then, simply turn the quark balls in a mix of sugar and cinnamon to give them the particularly delicious Christmas flavor.

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