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About us

Bread unites and brings people around the world together.

We want to share our deep-rooted knowledge and expertise in bread production worldwide.

We devise, manufacture and supply innovative total concepts for automated dough processing. We are the dough processing specialist within the WP BAKERYGROUP. We are the most successful provider of process solutions worldwide.
We offer a wide range of integrated and field tested systems.

Open communication, honest and sincere commitment with our customers results in optimal solutions for their company and in pleasant, but professional, relationships. To produce bread cost effective and sustainable, we provide flexible and reliable systems at low initial cost (see also the IPPM page on this website).

The competitive advantage of our customers is our guiding principle!


At WP Haton, we believe that the most trustworthy machines can be made with the right knowledge on ingredients, dough processing techniques and production technologies. Our proven reliability results in the best bread for our customers.


Our modular assortment empowers us to create customer specific solutions, based on gained knowledge and know-how on end-products and technologies. The advisory role of WP Haton is based on decades of experience.


We design and manufacture dough friendly dough processing machines for automated bakeries to get the best bread out of the dough. This ensures WP Haton’s leading position for tailormade dough processing solutions.

Societal impact of WP Haton

General health

  • All natural ingredients, no preservatives needed
  • Hygienic production without need for dust flour
  • Consistent and high quality nutritional end-product
  • Equipment with CE-certification for food & user safety


  • Highly weight accurate, so no waste of ingredients
  • High production capacity
  • Equipment tested at WP Haton with ingredients from country of destination


  • Training of local staff
    • 24/7 Technical service support
    • Product training by our Master baker & Dough technologist
  • Remote service by WP technicians as back up
  • Nutritional and high quality product available for very large audience