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Multiple dough journeys from dough creation to desired shape

Every type of dough deserves the best dough processing solution. At WP Haton we’ve developed a variety of dough processing lines for automated bakeries to ensure their dough gets the best possible treatment for an amazing end-product.

Baguetta bread
production line

The Baguetta produces automatically breads with a high degree of consistency, quality and efficiency. The breads produced on the Baguetta production line have artisan quality in look, taste and shape.

Classica bread
production line

With the Classica every bakery small or large can produce a wide variety of breads of the highest quality in an automated environment, with the highest performance, and efficiency.

Crustica bread
production line

The ideal solution for Mediterranean breads and other artisan types of bread. Water percentage up to 80% can be processed and a 12-hour pre-proof is not a problem.

Ryena bread
production line

The Ryena concept can produce a large variety of different dough without an intermediate proofing time, is very dough friendly with a high weight accuracy.

Sweety bread
production line

Developed to produce sweet breads, toast bread and rolls especially made for smaller weights, high capacities, and a large variety of sweet and sponge doughs.