Artisan quality in a fully automatic way

The Baguetta is a fully automatic make up system to produce baguettes or related products and all products with a long oblong shape such as brioches or toast bread.

Bread produced in the Baguetta line has a high degree of consistency and quality while maintaining an artisan look, taste and shape.

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Artisan quality

The Baguetta line allows for producing artisanal bread in a highly efficient way while maintaining the authentic characteristics of artisanal bread.

high accuracy

The portioning is done dough friendly and very accurately in specially developed dough dividers. The rectangular dough pieces are stretched to length in a pre-moulder or rounded in a rounding machine as to control the downstream process.

Optimal dough development

The dough is constantly moving which adds energy to the dough. This adds to optimal dough development. The integrated resting times create an optimum between elasticity and stretchability so that an optimum in moulding length can be achieved with minimal stress on the dough pieces.

Output of up to 6,000 dough pieces per hour

The specific shape of oblong types of bread, like baguettes, ciabatta and other mainly Mediterranean types of bread requires a make up line that allows the oblong shape to be as natural as possible, without forcing a round dough piece into the desired final shape. The Baguetta and Baguetta+ dough make up lines have been developed to have fully relaxed oblong dough pieces with an open structure. With the Baguetta line, the final product is of consistent weight and shape with a minimum of stress on the dough during moulding.

Capacity for Baguetta

max. 6,000 pcs/h

Dough weight range

100 - 750 gr

Example of Baguetta bread line process

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