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Experience Center

At the BreadLab and our fully equipped Experience Center, bakers from all over the world can test WP Haton equipment with their own ingredients and according to their own recipe. WP Haton dough technologists help to find the best solution for the baker’s products and get answers on their dough questions.

Bakers can take part in a workshop of one day or more in, for example, dough preparation, become further acquainted with the possibilities our equipment has to offer, or find out more about the technical possibilities of the equipment. Come and taste your bread in our BreadLab.


The C-Cell is a quality control tool analyzing baked products with detailed information on cell dimensions & size, shape & orientation, as well as uniformity of the baked product’s crumb structure. It provides real time data on the cellular structure of the baked product, so the effects of changes in recipe and equipment are made visible.

C-Cell provides quantifiable results to optimize the process from ingredient selection, mixing, dough processing and baking. In total some 50 parameters are measured and made visual with C-Cell. Bread that has been produced in our Experience Center can be analyzed to get a full objective report on the quality.

The information provided by the C-Cell analysis can be useful indicators of issues that arise during the baking process such as:

  • Poor quality of flour
  • Reduced yeast activity
  • Inadequate mixing or proof
  • Inefficient gas retention


Some of the information C-Cell provides and the report as it can be generated: