Artisan quality in look, taste and shape

Very soft dough and specialty dough are welcome on the Crustica line. Dough with a long pre-proof, sour dough, multigrain or dough with seeds, nuts or other additives find their way through the Crustica.
It is the ideal solution for Mediterranean breads such as Ciabatta and other artisan types of bread.

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With the Crustica dough can be pre-moulded, ideal to produce baguettes or elongated kind of dough such as brioche. Via the rounder with adjustable tracks, a whole range of (sticky) dough with high to very high-water percentages, can be rounded very well.


Rounded dough pieces can also be processed via the bypass of the pre-proofer and transported directly to the long moulder. A optional final rounder and long moulder ensure the final shape of the dough pieces. The long moulder has a bypass for non-pre-proofed round dough pieces.


Pre-rolled long dough pieces with an intermediate proof time or round dough pieces with or without intermediate proof time can be processed. The long moulder has a centring unit, a single pair of sheeting rollers that can be opened or closed completely, two flattening rollers and a moulding belt or pressure board.

Reliable bread line with high level of flexibility

Crustica is an automated dough make up line ideally suited for processing soft and very soft dough and also special kinds of dough with a long pre-proof, sour dough bread, multigrain bread, dough with many additions as seeds, nuts, cheese and other additives. Dough with a water percentage up to 80% can be processed without problems on Crustica. The option for recipe control allows for further automation and high efficiency of the bread line.

Capacity for Crustica

max. 2,500 pcs/h


Dough weight range

100 - 1,600 gr

Example of Crustica bread line process

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