Dough make up line for classic & sweet dough and rolls

Sweety can handle both small and large dough weights, as well as soft and sticky dough, making it a highly versatile automated dough make up line. The high weight accuracy results in more consistent end products, whereas the capability of processing higher water contents result in a tasty, fresh premium bread with a long shelf life. This combination adds to the attractiveness of the Sweety concept as an efficient dough make up line.

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Bread types

  • Sweet buns
  • Toast bread
  • Classic breads
  • Kashi pan
  • Shoko pan
  • Roti manis
  • Cream rolls
  • And many other local and specific products

Economical solution

  • Less personnel cost
  • Less waste by more consistent end product
  • More water absorption means less flour cost
  • Bigger volume by automation
  • Higher efficiency rates
  • Higher weight accuracy
  • Perfect rounding

Sweet future

The premium quality of the end products combined with a longer shelf life, the freshness and good taste are unmistakably the results of the Sweety production line. Combined with the economical solution it provides and the versatility of the production line, it offers a sweet future for your bread and roll production.

The solution for sweet & sponge dough

High capacity production of sweet breads, toasts and rolls with small weights is successful on the Sweety production line. It has been developed for bakeries looking to improve the production of sweet dough in combination with classic breads.
Sweety can handle both small and large dough weights, and dough of different processes.

Capacity for Sweety

750 - 6,000 pcs/h

Dough weight range

50 - 600 gr

Example of Sweety bread line process

WP Haton, the leading brand in dough processing

We design and manufacture dough friendly dough processing equipment for automated bakeries to get the best bread out of the dough.