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Things you need to know about dough

The importance of accurate and dough friendly dividing

A constant flow of dough into the dough divider is pertinent to have accurate dividing of the dough. The dough hoppers of WP Haton dough dividers are accommodated with a non-sticking surface to ensure the dough to slide down into the dividing mechanism. For sticky dough types the dough hopper can be equipped with oiling nozzles.

The gentlest way for handling of dough in a divider is volumetric dough dividing. This allows for the gluten structure to remain intact as well as the volume and level of elasticity of the dough to remain unchanged. The volumetric dough dividing adds little friction to the dough, so the level of added energy is low which means no change in dough temperature which would make it hard to get a consistent high quality end product. A voluminous end product with a fluffy open structure can be reached with the volumetric dough dividing of all WP Haton dough dividers.

The essence of moulding

The gradual sheeting as applied in all WP Haton moulders is done by up to 4 pairs or moulding rollers that each have their own settings ánd have their own motor. The scrapers and air flow on the rollers reduce the risk of dough scraps, allowing for a consistent quality of the bread. There is no forced pressure on the dough pieces as to maintain the elasticity and structure of the dough.

At the end of the moulding process a Twister and DecoSeeder can be integrated.



Intermediate proofing system with dual functionality for proofing and shaping in one stage. The dough piece remains in one swing during proofing, while being gently rocked from one side to the other. The perforated trays in hygienic design prevent mould. The CleanProofer allows for the gluten structure to remain intact.


This unit can be placed behind many of our long moulders. It cuts and twists automatically and places the dough pieces directly in the tins. Using the Twister guarantees good filling of the tins and evenly spread voluminous dough.


The DecoSeeder can be used in automated bread lines for seeding dough pieces all around after the final moulding. All common seeds or mixes can be used. The non-used seeds are transferred back to the decoration container to limit spilling. The decorated dough pieces are transferred straight and discharged to the panner conveyor.

The Twister unit can be placed optionally on the DecoSeeder.