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The Parta U Family

The Parta U is a classic suction dough divider.

It is positioned in a bread make up system, or as a stand-alone machine designed for dividing yeast bulk dough in portions.

The machine can handle stiff to liquid doughs from nearly any type of flour.

Proven design with more than 3000 units in operation.

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The Voluminator is a hydraulic unit dividing device installed on WP Haton dough dividers.

The unit is an integral part of the mechanical and electronic functions of the dough divider.

The Voluminator is in constant control of the dividing process and can be programmed for each recipe and thus very operator friendly.

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unique&original Combi IV bread moulder

The Combi IV has a unique sheeting principle for sheeting yeast doughs with very long intermediate proofing times.

The machine can (even with larger dough pieces) sheet very thin and produce long dough pieces during the degassing of the dough.

During sheeting between flange rollers, the dough is turned 180 degree.

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zip2one Dough Flow Zipper

The B 300 GV is a high-speed dough divider.

The latest version is an upgraded model, executed as a twin piston machine with 2 dough pockets dropping the dough pieces parallel on 2 discharge conveyors feeding a centring belt that converts the 2 lines in 1 straight lane like a zipper to the further downstream equipment for further processing.

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rest&stretch Baguetta+

The Baguette+ is a stringline dough make up system.

It has been designed for industrial production lines of long moulded products such as baguettes, brioches, sandwich rolls, petit pains, and a variety of rustic breads.

The line is a pulsing system: resting and stretching the dough to the desired length without stress and forcing the dough.

And watch the Baguetta+ video

SR Technology

Dividing units built to last

Classic mechanical dough dividers are designed to run like a clockwork. The movement of the various drive parts is very precise.

The motion in the divider is to move dough from the hopper via the main dividing chamber to the measuring pistons.

Wear and tear in the divider is occurring mainly in this area namely the dividing unit.