Ideal and proven concept to produce classic bread types

With the Classica every bakery small or large can produce a wide variety of breads of the highest quality in an automated environment, with the highest performance, and efficiency. The Classica concept is built up out of individual modules so that nearly any type of bread line concept can be achieved. Also one can choose per concept out of many different options for different capacities, weight ranges, different shapes, different processes and different type of breads.
Oil and flour are reduced to a minimum. The line concepts are transparent, easy to operate, clean and service.

For every type of bread

Tailor made concepts: for every type of bread the Classica can be optimized: divider, rounder, proofer, moulder On each of the individual machines WP Haton can supply a large range of accessories in order to make the specific shape, to reach the required capacity or proof time, and to make the shape wanted, or to decorate the loaf before proofing and baking.

Classic make up system

A complete range of classic bread lines for small, medium sized and large bakeries and food producers, ranging from 600 – 10.000 pcs/h for almost all common types of dough. The lines consist out of the classic make up system, with a dough divider, conical rounder, intermediate proofer and sheeter moulder.

Tailor made

Classica lines can be tailor made for manual operation, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation. All equipment is state of the art and can be used with various accessories in many different versions for many different applications.

Ranging from
600 – 10,000 pcs/h.

Classica, artisan bread line < 1,600 pcs/h
Classica L < 3,600 pcs/h
Classica XL for high-speed lines < 10,000 pcs/h

10 reasons in advantage

Greater choice of hardware: More module and line configurations than any other supplier. 6 types of dividers, 4 types of rounders, 4 types of intermediate proofers, and 6 types of moulders can be used for various line concepts with capacities from 800 – 10,000 pcs/h.

Dough friendly machines: Extremely dough friendly in combination with high weight accuracy.

Dust free: All equipment is dust free and thus saving cleaning cost and healthy.

Wide experience: Since many years WP Haton is one of the leading manufacturers worldwide with many successful installations with many leading bread producers.

Highly process oriented: Long proofing times, 0 proof time, high water absorption doughs, sticky dough, bulky dough, cold and warm dough. they all can be processed.

Automation: All line concepts can be automated to the highest degree to have more automation, repeatability and to optimize the production flow.

Great flexibility: A wide range of options is available for each of the various machines to make all types of breads and process all different dough types.

Wide application: Various types of flours can be used: wheat, rye, spelt, quinoa, teff, amaranth and many other types of strong and less strong flour.

Free technical and technological support: During the process of configurating the optimal production line WP Haton offers project engineering, test baking, and optimizing hardware in our BreadLab.

Blue Value: Excellent proactive service, installation, commissioning, Blue Control on line service, Blue Box wear / spare parts – 24 / 7.

Made for daily use

  • High weight accuracy
  • Dust flour free processing
  • Reduced oil consumption divider
    (savings up to 60%)
  • Many bread types and shapes possible
  • Large degree of repeatability
  • Recipe control / automation
  • Blue Box concept per machine
  • Operation, cleaning and service friendly
  • Pro-active Blue Value solutions possible


  • High weight accuracy
  • Dough friendly handling and processing of the various products
  • Nearly all types of dough can be handled efficiently
  • High water absorption rates can be processed
  • Fully automatic make up
  • Multipurpose technology
  • Minimum flour use
  • Perfect end products
  • Simple operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance
  • No dough waste

Equipment for CLASSICA

  • Dough divider type B or V 300, Parta U, Parta U XL, B or V 700, V 900
  • Dough rounder type CR 59, CR 59 AT, CCR 59, CCR 69 AT
  • Intermediate proofer type BIP, BIP E, BIP M, CleanProofer, Belt proofer
  • Bread moulder type BM 51, Combi E1 or E2, BM 2-40, BM 3-40, BM 3-80, BM 4-80, magnetic panner, DecoSeeder, Twister

Capacity for CLASSICA

from 500 to 10,000 pcs/h

Dough weight range

100 - 1800 gr.

Proofing time for CLASSICA

specified by client

(capacity < 1,600 pcs/h):

Dough divider type B 300, B 300-D
or Parta U
Conical rounder type CR 59
Intermediate proofer type BIP-E
Long moulder type BM 51 A
or type BM 51 B

(capacity < 3,600 pcs/h):

Conical rounder type CR 59 or CCR 59
Intermediate proofer type BIP M or BIP 72
Long moulder type BM 2-40 BT
Automatic depositing

Technical details:

Classica, artisan bread line 1,600 pcs/h
Classica L 3,600 pcs/h
Classica XL, for high-speed lines 10,000 pcs/h

Flours that can be used:

Wheat, rye, spelt, quinoa, teff, amarant, oatmeal

Shapes that can be made:

Round, long, oblong, pan bread, open top, biscotte, lidded, string bread, flat

WP Haton, the leading brand in dough processing

Tailormade solutions for every dough application with many options
in speed / weight / shape, accurate, long life cycle
Dough friendly performance offered by a Dough Friendly Company
We are the dough
processing specialist
within the
and offer integrated and
field tested systems
WP Haton Breadlab
in Panningen

Production lines for bread

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