Instant Bread made in 3 steps

Instant is developed by bakers for bakers, potential bakers and non-bakers worldwide, to produce various types of toast, sandwich and tin bread based on the Instant method. In principle the Instant production line can produce tin breads, such as toast, sandwich breads and hearth breads made out of various raw materials, recipes. These breads can be made in many weight ranges, shapes and baking tins, on sheets or on the oven hearth. Instant, a full bakery concept designed by WP Haton and its affiliates in the WP BAKERYGROUP. All products are designed with the highest level of engineering, quality and craftsmanship. WP products are premium merchandise based on quality, longevity, efficiency and made towards the highest standards in hygiene, fuel economy, cleaning, maintenance, and operation.

Instant process

After mixing the dough it can processed or can have a bowl proof up to 1 hour or depending on the process even more. In a special design divider the dough is portioned and pre-moulded in order to get the gluten development activated. The pre-moulded dough piece is transferred 90° into the moulder where it is sheeted lengthwise and moulded to the final shape. After proofing the dough is baked.

Raw materials

The idea is that raw materials are kept to a minimum, that is flour, water and premixes and vacuum-packed ingredients, which can be enriched with minerals to the wish of the customer. The raw materials in defined quantities (related to the oven capacity) must be blended with flour in fixed portions in the mixer by adding water. After mixing a dough quantity it is ready to be transferred to the Instant make up line.

Everything fixed with Instant

The Instant dough make up system is suitable for a wide range of products, and can be completed with a mixer, proof box and oven supplied by the WP BAKERYGROUP. The idea is that every artisan bakery wherever in the world can produce economically a fixed number of loaves per hour, with fixed recipes and fixed ingredients and a fixed process with simple but basic hardware that guarantees a high output, minimum silled labour, no waste good quality loaves, high water absorption rates, consistent dough and a minimum in techniques.

235 loaves per hour
2350 loaves per shift

50 kg of flour, 1 pack of ingredients, 30 litre of water makes 80 kg of dough,
80 kg of dough divides 98 loaves of 815 gr, one oven, baking time 25 minutes:
Happy Customers!

Day in day out production

In this way bread can be produced automatically with a minimum of skilled labour, and can be repeated day in day out, because of its simplicity. The unit is available in our test bakery in the Netherlands, where we can offer training sessions for master bakers to be trained and certified to operate the Instant production line. WP Haton offers together with international operating ingredients suppliers special mixes, so that our scope of supply is extended to our specially developed IPPM system.

Made for daily use

  • Now everybody can, wherever they are in this world, produce in a simple and easy way a tasteful, good and healthy loaf at minimum cost, day in day out with the Instant!
  • Instant is based on the fact that today premixes are available which can be processed instantly so that a minimum skill is necessary to make good and healthy bread.
  • Instant is a total package inclusive hardware, ingredients, bakers training and the engineering and supply of all necessary hard ware out of one hand.

Basic Execution

  • Ready to built concept with ingredients know how, equipment/hardware, advise on the process and bakers training
  • Easy to operate, simple to clean and maintain, no mistakes possible, minimum of recipes and raw materials
  • Can be installed in any location with a minimum of floor space
  • High output guaranteed
  • Good and healthy breads can be made instantly at minimum cost day in day out
  • No complicated process and hardware
  • High degree of repeatability
  • Minimum of skilled labour needed
  • Simple and affordable process with basic ingredients packed in vacuum

Technological advantages

  • Pre packed
  • Fixed quantities of breads of defined quality, shape and size can be produced day in day out
  • By using basic recipes the equipment can be used optimally
  • No mistakes in recipes, mixing, make up and baking possible
  • Excellent loaf qualities can be made that equals premium brands
  • Minimal bakers training needed
  • Dough can be made instantly and repeated
  • High hourly output
  • Very accurate weighing of the dough
  • Dough friendly make up

Capacity for INSTANT


50 kg of flour
1 pack of ingredients
30 litre of water

Makes 80 kg of dough
80 kg of dough divides 98 loaves of 815 gr

One oven
Baking times 25 minutes

235 loaves per hour
2350 loaves per shift

WP Haton, the leading brand in dough processing

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