A technological support package provided to all interesting bakers.

It provides :

Breadlab Laboratory

Our fully equipped test bakery in Panningen

Where bakers from all over the world test (their) products in combination with our equipment. Find the best solution for your bakery or products, get answers on all your questions from our dough technologists. Watch this movie and make an appointment!

C-Cell corner

WP Haton is in the position to scan all your bread. Like a body scanner the C-Cell machine can analyse each bread after baking. With the C-Cell machine the results of tests done with various machines (such as moulders and 4 piecing) can be optimised. Immediately after scanning more than 40 (!) various parameters are available for analysis. Important information such as colour, cell count, cell diameter, volume and cell thickness can be used for further optimisation of machines and process. Testing of bread becomes more solid and without surprises.


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You can also call us on number 0031 77 307 1860.

Breadlab Laboratory Breadlab Innovation Center

Fully ready to produce production lines for optimisation and testing.

A dough friendly experience for professional bakers

The Breadlab Innovation Center is where WP Bakery Group bakery equipment is tested and demonstrated and where bakers, agents, distributors, technicians, and their affiliates will receive detailed information on the benefits and use of our equipment.

Here you can take part in a workshop of one day or more in, for example, dough preparation (given by dough experts), become further acquainted with the possibilities our equipment has to offer, or find out more about the technical possibilities of the equipment.

Many from the bakery world have already become acquainted with the Breadlab Innovation Center.

If you too are looking to expand your horizon, deepen your knowledge and produce a better product, a visit to the Breadlab Innovation Center is a must.

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Breadlab Library

Data base with basic recipes, processes, and treatment technology.


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Dough Doctor

Ingredients - People - Process - Machines

These are the basic elements for the performance of a production line, a line concept or a customized production unit to produce all kinds of breads based on yeast doughs.

IPPM becomes more and more interesting in bakeries worldwide because of the complexity of the production of bread, from ingredients till distribution, and the higher demands of the end customer towards bread and its distribution.

The higher the requirements in bread production by a higher automation degree especially towards efficiency, hygiene, repeatability, quality, shelf life and a better end product, the more it is necessary to structure the production process and to increase the process quality.

Also, the capacity of a line and its complexity due to the use of the many types of products, the various ingredients, and the changes therein, was one of the key elements to an integrated system design. So, we offer our customers not only equipment and hardware, but it is also a concept to increase the efficiency of the equipment.

IPPM can be used by any automated bakery that produces fresh or frozen bread or intends in the future to do so.

IPPM can be a part of our total supply of machinery, line concepts and technological assistance from the master bakers in our test bakery and can be used worldwide by any automated bakery to produce yeast doughs.

What are the contents of IPPM?

IPPM packages are customized and consist out of a couple of training sessions. These can be technical sessions including our Blue Value after sales packages, technological sessions in our test bakery or training sessions in the bakery itself.

In the last situation we offer our expertise in technological training especially towards the importance of certain operational techniques to improve the consistency and the quality of a production line. Also, we have our BLUE VALUE package available as a pro-active after sales package.

The theme can be for example how important good dough mixing is, the different ingredients, the importance of good flour, ingredients, and water and why as such. But also, the importance of a good overall process including intermediate proofing and make up system.

Finally, the very important part of sheeting, moulding, and depositing the formed dough pieces before final proofing and baking begins.

Sheeting and moulding is the last stage before baking and is a crucial part of the process and therefore one of the key issues in the process as mixing and baking.


IPPM is an important tool for you as one of our existing or new customers, to optimize complex production processes from the design up to the moment of commissioning and production many years afterwards. It is used successfully by our customers worldwide and if you are interested, we can tell you more about IPPM.

If you have any dough technological question, about recipes, do not hesitate to write an email to our dough doctors:
They will try to answer your question ASAP.

Breadlab Seminars

Unfortunately, due to Corona we have to put this on hold for the time being.

For 2022 we have the following seminars scheduled:

  • salt reduction and taste
  • breads of tomorrow
  • artisan bread production
  • gluten free bread make up
  • baguettes
  • rest & shape

once travelling is safe we will start the seminars.

We will keep you informed!

Operator Training

Learn everything there is to know about our equipment, under the guidance of WP Haton engineers, so that you can discuss and answer technical questions and deal with technical problems in a professional manner.

in addition, you can of course always count on our technological and/or technical service and support centre!